The Holocaust: One of the most tragic and horrendous events in the history books. When we think of the Holocaust, almost all of us associate with it the name Adolf Hitler. Expressions of disgust, abhorrence, and anger come across our faces when we consider this man, the leader of Nazi Germany and in our minds, the instigator of the Holocaust. It seems this man’s name is synonymous with the words evil or wicked. 95% of Americans would be shocked and horrified to hear someone compare them to Hitler or compare Nazi Germany with America today. But that’s exactly what I’m going to do in this article. The reality is America is following in the exact footsteps of this man. While many feel humiliation, shame, and sadness at the mere thought of the Holocaust, those same people don’t realize that there is another Holocaust happening in the United States of America.

Although Adolf Hitler was raised Catholic, we know from his personal writings that even at an early age, he was reflecting more of his father’s worldview, who was agnostic. Atheists and skeptics of Christianity are extremely quick to point out how Hitler was raised Catholic, and they’ll exaggerate that and try to declare that the Holocaust was based on Christian principles. In other words, they’ll accredit Christianity with the abominable acts of Hitler and the Holocaust. The bottom line is no matter what Hitler said or did, his actions voiced his belief in an evolutionary worldview rather than a biblical one. Allow me to go into more detail.

In order to illustrate the parallels between Darwin’s beliefs and Hitler’s I need to refresh your memory on what Darwin’s theory stated. To do that, I’ll give a little background. Charles Darwin secured a position on the HMS Beagle as a naturalist to study plants and animals. Before the trip, Darwin was given a copy of a book called, “Principles of Geology,” by a man named Charles Lyell. This book proposed that geological structures took millions of years to form, which was contrary to what Charles Darwin had always believed. Keep in mind that Charles Darwin had believed in God up until this point. He had even received a degree in theology from Christ’s College at Cambridge. This man was not the Bible-hating, God-defying man that we paint him as today. But after reading Charles Lyell’s book, Darwin began to question what he had always believed. But it wasn’t until reaching the Galapagos Islands that Darwin really began to formulate his theory.

Upon reaching the Galapagos, Darwin took an intriguing interest in the finches. He studied them further and discovered that there were thirteen different kinds of finches at the Galapagos. After returning to England, he penned his famous book, “The Origin of Species.” This book sent shockwaves through the scientific community because Darwin was one of the first to propose a theory explaining the extensive diversity of creatures in the world, all without mentioning God. The fundamental aspect of Darwin’s book was that species compete with one another and the most fit to survive will survive. This idea is scientifically known as natural selection, more commonly known as survival of the fittest. The species that survive will pass along their genes, creating a genetically superior species or race. Charles Darwin applied this theory to animals, proposing the idea that this is how we have all the many different types of creatures we observe in the world today.

We’re not here to debate the theory of evolution but this idea of species competing with one another in order to create a superior species has incredibly dangerous consequences. It’s Darwin’s theory of evolution that significantly influenced Adolf Hitler and the strategy he followed in his quest to create a superior race. You see, Hitler took Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest and directly applied it to his own agenda. After Hitler seized full control over Germany in 1934, he began his mission to create a “superior” race. He claimed that the German or Aryan race (blonde-haired, blue eyed people) was at the top with all others below them. He also determined that people or “races” with defective or deficient genes, shouldn’t be permitted to reproduce. In fact, Hitler took it even one more extreme and declared that anyone with defective genes shouldn’t be allowed to live. In Hitler’s mind, this would ensure that they couldn’t pollute the gene pool. As a result, the Nazis slaughtered hundreds of thousands if not millions of human beings they considered defective. This included deaf, blind, mutes, homeless, feeble-minded, and anyone else they considered “unworthy to live.” Jerry Bergman in his book, “Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview writes:

It is estimated that 55 million people died as a result of the Nazis war on those persons they regarded as “inferior races.” Specifically, over 11 million people were murdered directly as part of the Holocaust, including over 5 million Slavic Christians and 6 million Jews. The Nazis murdered close to two thirds of all Jews then living in Europe, including an estimated 1.1 million children, in their quest to create a superior race.

55 million people. Hitler’s self-assigned task of creating a superior race by applying Darwin’s theories resulted in the death of more than 50 million human beings. Although there were many contributing factors that resulted in the Nazi Holocaust, it’s obvious that Darwinian inspired eugenics played a critical role. Hitler basically echoed what Darwin said in his book the Descent of Man when he said that evolutionary progress occurs primarily as a result of the elimination of the weak in the struggle for survival. While researching this topic, I came across an interesting quote from Charles Darwin, recorded in his second book titled, “The Descent of Man.” He writes,

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world, the savage races.”

Many people don’t realize that Hitler was carrying out what Darwin was predicting. While Darwin probably didn’t foresee his theory being taken to such extremes at Hitler took it, it’s still a logical application of Darwin’s ideas. After all, if we humans really did evolve, trying to create a superior race is perfectly reasonable. The Holocaust should make perfect sense to those who believe in evolution. What Hitler was doing was what Darwin had proposed in his books. Darwin’s theory of evolution was the MAIN force behind the Holocaust and because of it 55 million people were murdered in the most cruel and brutal ways the Nazis could think of.

Now let me ask you… Is it possible that there is another Holocaust going on in America today? Research shows that 1.2 million babies are being killed in the womb, every year. Out of 100 pregnancies, 22 will be abortions. Roughly 3,000 abortions happen every day. We are distraught and sickened at the thought of the Nazis slaughtering 55 million people during the Holocaust, and rightly so. But in the 42 years that abortion has been legal, 54,559,615 unborn babies have been killed. That number is nearly identical to the number of people killed in the Holocaust. The unfortunate reality is that most Americans, and I’m sad to say many American Christians, are either blind to this fact, or they simply turn their backs. Ladies and gentlemen, we have another Holocaust going on in America today. Why is it that we can simply overlook the murder of 54 million babies?

The reality is that the majority of our nation has adopted a secular, evolutionary worldview that clears their conscience of any wrongdoing. We are living in a nation that refuses to accept God for one reason and one reason only. They don’t want to have to bow their heads before a greater authority. Because if they do, it immediately demands moral responsibility. This is what Darwinian evolution has done to the world. Darwinian evolution has been the main force behind BOTH Holocausts our world has seen. Any theory that suggests humans have evolved from animals is going to result in human beings acting liking animals. Our world has seen the death of more than 100,000,000 people as a direct result of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Allow me to close with the following story. There was a church building in the middle of Nazi Germany around the year 1942, during World War 2. This particular church building had a train track right behind it. Every Sunday morning during worship service, boxcars would come rolling down these tracks; boxcars that were filled with the bodies of Jews and disabled human beings on their way to execution. But instead of doing something about this… Instead of standing up and getting out of their pews, the members of the church simply sang louder to drown out the sound of the train.

I’m afraid that we as Christians today are singing louder. By that I mean, we know of the problems going on in today’s world but we’re simply ignoring them, singing louder, and hoping they go away. Well I’m here to tell you that they’re not going to go away. Not until we stand up, get out of our pews and do something about all the immorality going on around us. God didn’t call us to a padded pew. He called us to a narrow and difficult path. Like it or not, our nation is following in the paths of Hitler. It’s time we stand up for those unborn children and disabled, elderly people who can’t stand up for themselves. Only with God at the front of our thoughts and actions can we stop this Holocaust in America.

By Will Harrub