By Brad Harrub, Ph.D.
Bill Nye has taken a swan dive from reality and is now firmly submerged in some liberal political fantasyland. Nye has named his new political Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World”—one of the most narcissistic titles I’ve ever encountered. This is the guy who is going to save the world? Save the world from what? Your children know him as “Bill Nye the Science Guy”—a video series used extensively in many public schools. However, Bill has moved from mixing soda and vinegar to “saving the world” and promoting the LGBTQ lifestyle.
In his latest video, Bill uses talking ice cream cones to try and poke fun at what he calls the ridiculousness of conversion therapy with homosexuals. Ben Kew reported:
“In the cartoon, the vanilla ice cream cone is mocked as a representation of heterosexual, monogamous sex. The vanilla cone is presented as a Christian conversion therapist trying to convince the other ice cream cones that monogamous sex is natural, and will help them ‘get right with the big ice cream in the sky.’ However, the vanilla cone receives blowback from the other ice cream cones, who contend that they cannot change the way they were born. Eventually, the vanilla ice cream is overcome by sexual desire and is seduced by other flavored ice creams to participate in an apparent ice cream orgy.” (see
As the video concludes Bill Nye eagerly asks, “That was cool, wasn’t it?”
No Bill, it was not cool. And your entire video was built on a false premise. You refer to yourself as “enlightened” and “forward-thinking.” However, your desperate desire for fame has revealed that you are intellectually bankrupt when it comes to understanding real science, and you are simply promoting a twisted agenda.
A quick science lesson for Bill Nye: Humans are born with sex chromosomes. Men are born with distinct XY chromosomes. Women are born with distinct XX chromosomes. (Yes, in extremely rare cases individuals are born with a mutation of the norm, but those individuals are not purposefully trying to change between genders to please their own desires.) A man who is born with XY chromosomes cannot “change” that. It is a part of his genetic makeup. Sure, the man can take hormonal supplements or have plastic surgery, but at the end of the day his cells still contain XY chromosomes. Likewise, a woman will always have XX chromosomes. Bill, ice cream cones don’t have sex chromosomes and they don’t reproduce the way humans do.
Christians need to realize this who is a man is using his 15 minutes of fame to promote pseudo-science and rubbish. Nye supports climate change, evolution, and gender confusion. This is the guy who told president Trump that “science must shape policy” a few weeks ago in the March for Science. Science, or pseudo-science Bill?
I hope his latest videos will be the wake up call that was needed to permanently ban his false teaching from the classroom. For far too long this man has been poisoning children with anti-God rhetoric falsely called science. It’s time to send him packing and teach our children what real science is all about.
Bill, you asked if your new twisted video was cool? I would ask you who gets to define cool? What is your standard for cool and uncool? How do you define right and wrong? Without God things like right and wrong, cool and uncool are left up to the individual. And you, Bill are not a cool individual.
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