By Jim Palmer and Brad Harrub, Ph.D

The inception of Focus Press has been in progress for several years. Having visited many states and grown to love Christians all over the country, it became apparent that faithful Christians were hungry for three things: (1) Encouragement; (2) Education; and (3) Edification. It appeared that many Christians were being overwhelmed by constant bad news, and media outlets that were determined to defend the ideals of atheism, humanism, and the evolutionary theory.  And so, several years ago, the decision was made to do something about it.
Like all good ideas, the establishment of Focus Press was refined and revised over many years—often seated around a dining room table or on the living room floor, as we watched our children quickly growing up right before our eyes. With each passing year, our desire to do something intensified. We realized that the world our children were growing up in was far different from the days of our youth. Where before, Bibles and prayer (or moments of silence) were allowed in the classroom, today atheists are doing everything they can to silence God in both the classroom and public displays. No longer is He given credit as the Creator of the Universe. Christianity has fallen under attack by individuals who have come to embrace worldly ideals. We quickly realized that growing up in a world inundated by disbelief was also affecting faithful Christians.
And so, in the summer of 2004, having come to the realization that our time on earth is too short and eternity is too long to delay this good work any longer, we decided to forge ahead and create an organization that would help combat the attacks on God’s Word, and would also provide a positive light to Christians living in the 21st century. The goal of Focus Press can best be understood by our mission statement:
Our mission is to encourage men, women, and children to train their minds to meditate on that which is good. We want to help people focus on matters of eternity. We earnestly desire to promote spiritual development and strengthening of faith among Christians. We fervently pray that our efforts will prompt people to consider the eternal destiny they are fashioning by the lives they are leading today.
May at least one soul who does not know of God’s eternal salvation come to know it; May someone whose heart is heavy recall a reason to hope and rejoice in the Lord; May a zeal for Christ and His church be rekindled and new levels of commitment and service be achieved; and, in all, may we serve our brethren humbly and faithfully—To God be the glory!
In the coming months we look forward to making new books, tracts, home schooling material, and DVD’s available to strengthen your faith and that of your family. We are committed to producing sound material that is easy to read and very relevant to Christians living today.
We solicit your prayers for this new work. We believe that with God’s blessing and the support of faithful Christians, the body of Christ will be strengthened and those who are sincerely seeking answers to complex issues will find the Truth.
We want to remind Christians everywhere of Paul’s admonition in the book of Romans: Renew Your Mind. The time has come.