By Brad Harrub Ph.D and Jim Palmer
The world in which we live focuses heavily on negative thoughts and actions. The media reminds us daily of the killing, the suffering, and the stealing of life, liberty, and property. Yet, in the midst of a chaotic world, there remains a place where one can find peace—a place where one may rise above the fray of daily living. When one who is in a right relationship with God harnesses, hones, and carefully examines his or her thoughts, inward peace can prevail! The implication of the inspired verse found in the book of Proverbs is that our thoughts shape our lives. Indeed, each of us has the ability to control and direct our thought life. Whether our thoughts work for our good, or contribute to our detriment, depends on the direction we choose for them.
On what do you allow your mind to dwell? Are you burdened with endless thoughts of inadequacy—of what you “couldn’t possibly do?” Or are you joyful in reminding yourself that “with God all things are possible?” Is your mind in despair when you consider all the evil, pain, and suffering that abounds or do you look for ways you personally might help alleviate mankind’s ills and evils?  Do you find it easy and even ‘normal’ to constantly think critical thoughts about your friends, your family, your coworkers, and even simple acquaintances who you hardly even know? Or in all circumstances and engagements do you strive to seek out and dwell on the good—looking for opportunities to praise and edify rather than criticize and tear down?  Do you find your mind consistently drifting back to thoughts of the bad that could occur?  Or, do you hold fast to the thought that He “is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think?” Let us remember, as you think in your heart, so you will be.
This month, as is our constant prayer and plan, we are excited to consider thought provoking issues which we hope will encourage and edify our readers and in turn lead us to greater levels of service in His kingdom. We will delve into the topic “What is the Origin of Mankind?” The cover depicts a family happily walking along the edge of the water. Evolutionists would contend that man evolved from some common ancestor that crawled out of the water millions of years ago. The Truth is man was made in the image and likeness of Almighty God.
In this issue we explore several facets of humankind—from the fossil record to human morals. We have included articles that define what it means to be made in His image and after His likeness. Many might argue that it does not matter where we came from—but consider the heart of a child who has been taught that he or she is simply an advanced ape-like creature who originated by sheer chance [“for as he thinks in his heart so is he” (Proverbs 23:7)]. The seeds of atheism and evolution often go on to shape a child’s outlook on his/her importance, as well as eternity. The principles in this issue should help negate those negative influences. We hope you enjoy and are edified by what follows.
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