By Sandi Cook
I am officially taking on the role of an older woman in this note. Believe it or not, I am okay with that. Titus 2:3 commands the older women to teach the younger. I understand that I have no parental experience with teenagers myself. I pray often about the days when I do. However, from my work as a nurse of ten years, I have an abundance of experience.  
Through my years as a nurse, I have seen many young girls become mothers. Some of these girls were as young as 13. I have sat in clinic rooms on numerous occasions and said these words to a young girl, “The test was positive. You are pregnant.” Or, “The test was positive. You have chlamydia.” “The test was positive. You have herpes and there is no cure.” I have cried with girls as we discuss how they are going to tell their parents. I have listened as girls sob about the “guy who broke my heart.” I have cried with girls as we discuss their futures. I have prayed with young girls when it seemed like there was no hope. There is a way you can ensure that this does not happen to you. It is called prevention, and I am not talking about condoms or birth control pills.  
Girls, the time has come for you to take a stand against immodesty. It is time to cover up your body. Consider this. How many pregnancies, STDs, and broken hearts would have been prevented if modesty had factored into the equation? I want you to understand that the mind of a male differs from the female mind. Males are very visual. What you may see as an innocent article of clothing or an innocent touch may be interpreted totally different by him. When I was in my dating years, my mom told me numerous times, “Sandi, if you will stay in your place, he will stay in his.” What does this mean? If you will act right, he will too. This starts before your date even arrives at your house. It starts when you pick out your attire. Cover up your body! Give this young man a chance. How can you expect him to respect you if you are not covered up? Wear tops that do not show cleavage. Wear tops that cover your waistline even when you raise your arms. Wear tops that fit around your underarms to prevent sneak peeks. For dresses, shorts, or skirts: if you bend over and your bottom shows, it is too short. If you are constantly pulling at your shorts, they are too short. Bermuda shorts are an excellent option. Not only are they in style, but they are a longer version of shorts. (I know you are thinking that I am really old by now––way over 30, right?) 
Did you know that your body does not belong to you? 1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are told in verse 20 to honor God with our bodies. The Bible tells us that sex is meant for the marital relationship. Save your virginity for your future husband. Don’t you want him to do the same thing for you? Can you imagine the love story you will be creating if you save sex for your honeymoon? It will be a beautiful start to a happily ever after.