School is back in session, which means Satan is putting in overtime trying to pervert the hearts and minds of young people. He will use every means possible to get young people to question their faith and abandon God. 

Consider this–Satan is sitting at DEFCON 1. He is ready for immediate action and is on the highest alert. Sadly, many Christians in the church are sitting at DEFCON 5, thinking back to school time is a period of peace. Here’s what I would LOVE to see the church prepared to do:

  • When the school encourages “Boys wear a dress day” respond by pulling your children out that day and offering a free community seminar on the importance of “Manning Up” and being the spiritual leader! Spend some time in youth classes discusses what a spiritual leader looks like.
  • When the school encourages students to be “tolerant,” spend a month in the pulpit teaching the congregation examples of when Jesus, Peter, Paul, and John were intolerant!
  • When the school teaches on the various religions—making them all sound equal, respond by offering to buy lunch for students if they will allow a Christian parent to have an open Q/A during the lunch period about Christianity.
  • When the school sponsors “LGBTQ silence day” respond by pulling your children out that day and instead go to a local park and put on a community-wide lesson on marriage to remind your youth and community Who instituted marriage.
  • When the school promotes abortion as just another choice in a sex-ed class, respond by hosting a community-wide movie night showing the movie Unplanned and take your youth to pray outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.
  • When the school holds a special Drag Queen Reading Hour featuring someone who is transgender, respond by pulling your child and encourage other parents to do the same. Instead offer your building for a special Bible Reading Hour where young people learn about the courage of Daniel or David.
  • When the school begins teaching macro-evolution, respond by hosting a creation/evolution seminar or pass out Christian evidence material on the sidewalk.
  • When the school cracks open the humanistic textbooks to use in the classroom, respond by starting an after school Bible club that teaches the Truth.
  • When the school promotes “Diversity” in their sex-ed classes, respond by pulling your children out of those classes and encourage parents to use something wholesome, like the “Passport for Purity” kit, to teach their children the beauty of sex as intended by God.
  • When the school promotes rebellion against parents by encouraging independence, in an encouraging manner to build the bonds between parents and children. Invest in a weekend seminar that focuses on the relationship between parents and children. Have some informal devotionals about what it means to honor parents.

These are just a few ideas that will show Satan and our community that we are not just going to give up and surrender the souls of our children. It is important that we be kind and reflect Christ as we carry out our mission, but it is also important that we take this battle seriously! What DEFCON level is your local congregation sitting at? Isn’t it time that we stand united—ready for battle?

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