A few days ago, I was studying with a young man who has walked away from the church. During our discussion of what he believes, he said: “I don’t believe their exact theory for the Big Bang. I believe there had to be stuff going on. I believe in some type of superior being out there. I just don’t know how it all got here.”

I followed up by asking the young man, “Okay, so if there is a higher power out there, then what is His role?”

His exact words were, “I think His role is to keep this planet from catching on fire.”

Huh? Say what? God is a heavenly firefighter?  This young man continued by saying, “I think this whole thing with Global warming and stuff, I think if we keep abusing the planet and it keeps heating up, then I feel like the planet is just going to burst into flames and it will be a so-called hell.”

For the next few minutes we discussed Global Warming/Climate Change. It was extremely obvious that this young man had bought into the idea of Global Warming hook, line, and sinker. When I asked him where he got his information from he freely admitted his textbooks.

When I asked if he had actually looked into the data and researched whether Global Warming was real, he kind of chuckled and told me everyone knew it was real. (I made sure to share with him some of the real research that clearly pointed out it was a bogus political sham.)

But here was a young man who had been raised in the church who believed that if there was a higher power out there then His only role was to be a heavenly firefighter.

On that very same day, I received a newsfeed that discussed Union Theological Students who had gathered together to confess their sins to plants. Yes, you read that correctly. These students, who were majoring in Bible, gathered together to confess their climate sins. These “progressive” students were taking part of a class titled Extractivism: A Ritual/Liturgical Response.

While many people recognized the ridiculousness and theological bankruptcy of what these seminary students were doing, the Washington Post covered the story and opined, “I think there is a pressing question that many Christians and people of no faith are grappling with: What is our moral responsibility to nonhuman life-forms?” Moral responsibility to plants? Plants are not self-aware and have no conscientious! 

Paul warned in Romans 1:25 about people, “who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” Do your children worship the creation or the Creator? Parents, just how much of the Global Warming Kool-Aid have your children drank?

This goes far beyond recycling and thinking “green.” There are young people today who put caring for the earth far above religion. In fact, Josh McDowell conducted the largest survey ever conducted on Global Warming, and in his survey he discovered young people consider not recycling worse than viewing pornography. I suspect many Christian parents might be surprised to learn just how indoctrinated they are. It’s all throughout the textbooks today.

Do I believe we should be good stewards and dominion keepers over what God has given us (Genesis 1:28)? Absolutely! I believe this is biblical and it is what mature Christians ought to do! But do I think we should be worshipping “Mother Nature” rather than Father God? Not in any form! Our God is a jealous God, and nothing should ever come before Him!

So, am I one of those crazy loons that does not believe in Global Warming? Absolutely! I’ve examined the real data. And I think it is exceptionally arrogant for man to think we can have that much control over the weather and God’s creation (see Psalm 135:7).

In the April 28th 1975, issue of Newsweek the publishers warned the public of the coming Ice Age. Money was appropriated to fund research and now here we are 34 years later consumed with the idea that the earth is warming. Laws are being enacted and once again money is being appropriated.

I asked the question initially what was the motive—and I believe it comes down to one thing: money. Politicians can clamor on for decades with this as a part of their platform, knowing it will be hard to disprove “climate change” and that money will be needed. They recognize no sensible person would advocate destroying the earth. Fear has always been an effective motivator—and that remains true today. 

I also think Global Warming allows individuals to overlook or ignore the truth that God is in control. By alarming the world propagandists have been effective at causing many individuals to take their eyes away from God and His power. Unbelievers are trying to satisfy a purpose in their own lives, and climate change has become their purpose. Satan has pulled these individuals into his web of deception. The writer of Proverbs urged mankind to not lean on their own understanding, but rather to trust the Lord (Proverbs 3:5). 

The weather we are experiencing today is the result of a global Flood that was delivered to this world because of sin. Prior to that God had described His creation as “Very Good” (Genesis 1:31). As faithful Christians we are to be good stewards His creation (Genesis 1:28; Matthew 25:14-30) in anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ when true Global Warming will occur!