The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is poised to do some things to Christians that years of articles, sermons, blogs, and podcasts have failed to do. As a result of the virus, and resulting quarantine, we may find ourselves forced to:

1. Spend more time together as families at home and stop running the rat race.

2. Focus on our older generation and making sure they are well cared for during this time.

3. It may very well cause us to close our buildings on Sunday mornings forcing us to learn how to worship at home. (And may help us reevaluate pouring all of our resources into buildings and grounds rather than evangelism and missions.)

4. Pray more fervently.

5. We may find ourselves craving Christian fellowship and not taking it for granted.

6. Focus our minds on what is truly important in this life.

7. With more time on their hands and less “events” to go to, people may open their Bibles or religious books–relying less on the 30 minute sermon to be their only spiritual nourishment.

8. We might find ourselves calling and checking on members more often–treating each other like a true Christian family.

9. Not let things like March Madness become a form of idolatry in our lives.

10. Actually keep our children home from prom and help them remain pure a little longer!

11. Christians might discover ways to truly be a light in their community as people start needing things and needing care.

12. We might be more willing to talk about Jesus and eternity.

I’m sure there are more…in fact you can share some below. Yes, there are negative things about a Pandemic. But for the Christian, things like this just remind us that this world is not our home! Maybe…just maybe, this whole thing will draw more people closer to God. #Godisgood