Yesterday, I was sitting in the chair in a barbershop in Denver, Colorado. Like normal I asked the person cutting my hair what were her passions in life and what were some things she was looking forward to given the craziness of 2020. She enthusiastically replied, “I can’t wait for the holidays! I can’t wait to gather with my family, eat a wonderful meal, and just enjoy some normalcy.” I suspect she is not alone. I suspect there are thousands of individuals who long to be surrounded by those they love and just enjoy familiar traditions.

When I asked the young lady cutting my hair what were her favorite Thanksgiving foods she said, “I love all the sides and desserts. Especially the desserts!” Again, I suspect she is not alone.

Consider for just a moment your favorite Thanksgiving dessert:

Pumpkin Pie

Pecan Pie

Apple Pie


Grandma’s Secret Chocolate Cake

Coconut cake

Fruit Trifle

Carrot Cake

You get the picture.  Imagine you walk into your kitchen and there sits your favorite dessert. Science can tell you a great deal about that dessert. For instance, it can tell you what ingredients are in the dessert. It can tell you that the dessert is real and does exist. It might even help us deduce who created the dessert. (Fingerprints, DNA, etc.) But the one thing science cannot tell you is WHY that particular dessert was created.

Only the creator can tell us WHY.

The only way that you will ever know why the dessert was created is if the person who made it reveals it to you. The same can be said for the Earth and the Universe. Science can tell us a lot about the universe, but it can’t tell us why it was created. For that we must turn to the Creator.

If you really want to know why you are here, why the universe was created, why the earth exists, then turn to the Creator. The answer to these questions and so many more are revealed to us in God’s Word. Let me encourage you today to dig deeply into God’s Word to find out why! Ironically, the answer as to why someone baked your favorite dessert and why the earth exists are probably very similar—because the creators of both love you.