Hey Christian men,

How many times have you read the headlines about people getting caught in prostitution stings? Or how many times do you read about another couple getting a divorce? And let’s not leave out porn addiction or adults who are messing with children.

Then there’s those who are verbally or physically abusive. Or what about all the individuals who are caught in lies or doing unethical things? We see them all the time don’t we?! It seems like every single day another person gets caught in something—and lets us down.

We see this everyday, and so do the young people in the church.

And let’s not kid ourselves into thinking those sins only happen with Hollywood celebrities or politicians. We all recognize it’s happening in the church as well. And men who were once well-loved and respected preachers, elders, youth ministers, or deacons suddenly cause young people to question everything.

What the church desperately needs today are spiritually mature men who are not giving into temptation—men who can serve as role models and mentor young Christians.

We need men who love their wives and children more than hobbies.

We need men who lead and don’t deceive.

We need men who younger boys can look up to and not have their world come crashing down because of a scandal.

We need men who will boldly lead the next generation to Jesus.

Aren’t you tired of all the discouraging news headlines? Why not determine within yourself to make a difference. Why not be someone who stands out and is not conformed to the world? Why not reflect a sacrificial life of taking up your cross and following Him? Why not use your life as a positive example, so that God may be glorified!

Make no doubt about it, Satan will come hard after you. But God will give you a means of escape. Let’s show the next generation what it means to flee temptation. Let’s be the role models they desperately need today!