I get the opportunity to speak on a lot of lectureships, seminars, men’s days, youth rallies, etc. I am thankful for each opportunity and I spend a lot of time in preparation and prayer for those events. 

I want to pose a question–not meant to divide, judge, or cause strife–just meant to get everyone thinking. Is it possible we have oversaturated our lives with these special events and continue to add more and more, so that we don’t have to do the “dirty” work of actually going out and conducting Bible studies/evangelizing?

The truth is we can fill our calendar with these special events, have special lessons on every subject under the Sun, and do all kinds of “activities”…maybe even learning a great deal and making ourselves feel good. All the while, the lost souls around us continue to step out into eternity.

It’s kind of ironic that we have all of these special series that have been branded with really cool names and logos where men talk about the importance of evangelism and disciple-making–and yet, most people aren’t actually doing it. 

In fact, sometimes it feels like the number of special events seems to be growing faster than actual membership in most congregations. And everything now has to be a big production. It has to be filmed and have cool lighting. It needs to be entertaining–with “Big Name” speakers. 

Church, maybe it’s time we take a serious look at all of the special events we are hosting and ask ourselves: Are our people really going out and making disciples, or are these events giving them the false sense that they are busy in the Lord’s Kingdom? 

It’s not about the events. It’s not about the cool stage lighting. It’s not about the speakers. It’s about Jesus. It’s all about what He did on the cross. And until we get out of our comfort zones and tell more people about Him and His precious gift, the world will remain lost.