The latest act of violence happened in my hometown. It’s way past time we put down our ice cream and have a serious discussion. Not a political discussion aimed at getting rid of guns. Not an emotional discussion based on people’s feeling.

But a real adult conversation. Since politicians are not going to address these questions (and many in power are too drunk off money to even consider it) we need rational parents and caring Americans to actually think:

1. What are the physical and mental consequences of putting a child on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for years? (Big pharma doesn’t know the long term effects, so why are we using children as guinea pigs?)

2. At what point are we going to address mental health in this country? While many patients temporarily feel good after cross-sex hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgery, research demonstrates that depression is actually worse at the 5-year and 7-year mark. The events over the past 2 years have only made depression worse in young people.

3. What are the consequences of telling children a lie about gender being fluid? No matter how many pills or surgeries one has, you cannot change a boy into a girl or visa versa. It’s biologically impossible given our DNA.

4. What are the consequences of raising up thousands of children in schools where God is not allowed? When we will recognize/admit that humanism and atheism have decimated the moral compass of our children and grandchildren?

5. What are the long term consequences of removing discipline from the home and school, and instead only focus on children’s “self esteem”?

6. What is the standard for right and wrong in a nation that no longer bows a knee toward God as the authority for everything? Who gets to determine what is right and wrong?

7. When are we going to actually follow the money trail and start prosecuting people for crimes against humanity. (My research has uncovered that every child they can get to “transition” represents over $1.3 million to the medical industry.)

8. When are we going to have governmental agencies that we can actually trust and rely on to do right, rather than agencies that seem bent on protecting particular agendas?

9. Is there anything that would actually be considered a hate crime if it targeted Christians? Or do hate crimes not exist if they are carried out by individuals who politicians deem politically correct?

10. Do we know if long term dosing of testosterone can cause rage in young ladies who take it for years?

11. When are we going to actually investigate why rapid onset of gender dysphoria has become a CONTAGION in our culture, primarily among young ladies?

12. When will Christians engage our culture and stop just sitting in pews on Sunday morning?

13. When will someone boldly discuss the suicide rate of transgender individuals? And I’m not talking about how the agenda groups talk about these individuals are going to kill themselves if they are not accepted and affirmed. I’m talking about individuals who are suffering from a mental illness that never gets truly addressed or treated.

There are more issues, but this is a starting point.