Evolution is likely NOT the most dangerous worldview your children or grandchildren are going to be taught in high school and college. 

Read that again: Evolution is not the most dangerous worldview currently affecting our children.  

Today, radical feminism, the LGBTQ+ agenda, and the transgender agenda pose a much more dangerous threat to their faith. These three agendas have joined hands with one goal in mind—the complete demise and condemnation of marriage and the family.

Consider the account of an elder’s daughter, “Mary” who runs off to college at eighteen. For eighteen years Mary has faithfully attended her local congregation and loved her parents. But within the first week of being on campus she is encouraged to join some gender equality clubs. (In fact, she would be shamed if she didn’t join one of them.)

In addition to the feminist clubs, as a freshman Mary is required to take a course in “Cultural Studies.” She also elects to take a “Women in History” class. Both of these freshmen level classes brazenly teach things like white male privilege and toxic masculinity, concepts that had been totally foreign to her before attending college. Within three months Mary has joined her friends and is embracing a feministic attitude.

As her worldview changes, she begins to see people like her father as part of the problem with society.

By the time Mary returns home for Christmas break she has come to fully embrace radical feminism. But she’s not ready to let them in on her new-found worldview. Her parents notice a more rebellious spirit, but they chalk it up as just part of the college experience. Mary still attends worship with them—which eases their fears. But had her parents really been observant, they would have noticed that she was distracted during most of the worship service and seemed extremely uncomfortable during the sermon. 

Mary returns back to school and immediately feels more at ease. She is surrounded by people who are being taught the same worldview that she now holds. She quietly wonders how her parents could be so dumb and old-fashioned.

She sits in classes and reads quotes by feminist Andrea Dworkin: “Under patriarchy, every woman’s son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman.” (Our Blood, 1981). She listens to professors quote Marilyn French’s book The Women’s Room: “All men are rapists, and that’s all they are. They rape us with their eyes, their laws, their codes” (1977).

Silently her blood begins to boil against all men.

Right before spring break of her freshman year in college Mary is required to write a paper. The paper must be 3-5 pages long and explain how she agrees with a quote from Andrea Dworkin’s book Letter’s from War Zone. The quote reads: “Like prostitution, marriage is an institution that is extremely oppressive and dangerous for women” (1983). 

By this time everything about Mary has changed. Her view on men has changed dramatically. Her view on marriage has changed radically. Her view on being a mother and raising children has been turned upside down. 

And finally, her view on God has experienced a cataclysmic shift—she no longer even believes in God. Instead, she worships feminism. She has even attended some protests and rallies. Her life now is all about expressing herself and her new found worldview.

Her parents were proudly sending their daughter off to college, believing they were giving her the best footing for a better life. They celebrated her high grades and academic achievements. They never realized they were sending her into a radical indoctrination camp. 

Phyllis Schlafly noted: “The cornerstone of the political correctness that dominates campus culture is radical feminism” (2005). Mary had become just another victim of the radical crowd—a pawn to be used against Christian morals.

The next time Mary visits her parents she announces she will not be going with them to worship on Sunday. In fact, she goes on to condemn her parents for supporting a male dominating religion built on patriarchy. Her parents never saw it coming. And sadly, they are unprepared for the confrontation that has been building in Mary for months.

Before Mary closes the books on her first year of college, she has decided that maybe a relationship with a female would not be so bad. After all, women are not the problem—men are. In fact, the thought of being married for life to a man causes her to become sick.

And so, Mary—an elder’s daughter who was once a faithful Christian, abandons every moral fiber she was raised with and begins actively pursuing a homosexual lifestyle.

Many Christians might think the above scenario is ludicrous—unrealistic. And yet, different version of this story have been recounted to me by multiple sets of parents. And it doesn’t just happen with girls (although I’m hearing about more young ladies rejecting marriage, husbands, children, etc. than guys). 

Ask yourself this question for a moment: How in the world could the feminist movement be joining hands with the transgender movement? After all, transgender athletes are ruining women’s sports! 

The answer lies in the overall goal of both movements. As I mentioned earlier, the overall goal is the demise of marriage and the family.

I encourage parents to have some serious conversations with their older children. Elders warn your flocks. Look back at what Paul warned Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:20-21, “O Timothy! Guard what was committed to your trust, avoiding the profane and idle babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge—by professing it some have strayed concerning the faith.”  Consider Paul’s strong rebuke in Romans 1. 

There is a reason why Hitler stated: “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.” He knew he needed the hearts and minds of the next generation in order to have world domination. Think about what the textbooks are really teaching our children today. 

I fear Mary is not the only one who has fallen prey to the idle babblings. How many more of our children will we lose before we throw down the gauntlet, church?