Think parents and the church don’t need to teach on marriage, divorce, and remarriage?
Well consider this: last month Pew Research Group reported a little over half of young adults say open marriages are “acceptable.” An open marriage is defined as a marriage where both spouses agree that they can date or have sex with other people.
Some of those who hold this view are sitting in our church buildings on Sunday mornings. The concept of one man and one woman for life is foreign in the world they are growing up in.
Folks, that is messed up! Satan has convinced young people that adultery and fornication are “acceptable.” Forget keeping the marriage bed pure–and don’t worry about your wedding vows. Just go out and have a good time.
Of course what Satan isn’t telling the young people is that this “open marriage” behavior leads to heartache, distrust, and eventually divorce.
Rather than backing away from this topic we should be leading the charge! Christians should be demonstrating by example and by our teaching that this is sinful behavior–and that God does not approve.