As I travel across the world and meet so many people, one of the things that stands out to me is that there are a lot of broken and hurting people out there. 

There are a lot of families who appear like everything is “fine” on the outside, but they are crumbling on the inside.

Church we must do a better job of building real relationships–relationships that are willing to struggle and cry together. Relationships that are willing to sacrifice time and energy for one another. Not relationships built around programs and themes. 

No, we are not always “fine.” 

There are parents who are hurting for lost children. 

There are elderly Christians who remain depressed from the loss of a loved one. 

There are teens who are wrestling with walking the narrow path versus fitting in with the world. 

There are men who feel stuck in a job they can’t stand–but they feel trapped and are scared to make a change. 

There are marriages that are one screaming match away from divorce. 

There are children who have been molested by an adult they were supposed to be able to trust. 

There are young people whose dreams of a great life have come crashing down with a dead-end job and too many bills.

And far too often, our solution is to just continue doing the same old thing. Church, it is time we roll up our sleeves, open up the Scriptures, and get back to what God intended for church families. 

We need to get into people’s homes. We need to break bread together. We need to have deep discussions. We need to get into one another’s lives.