Since day 1 at Focus Press we’ve been vocal advocates for the abolition of abortion. We couldn’t be happier to see God’s hand at work in this matter, with the Dobbs decision effectively overturning Roe v. Wade and a number of states beginning to outlaw abortion.

However, it remains as controversial an issue as it always has been. We wanted to offer a primer on the matter for Christians who want to know how to defend their beliefs and non-Christians who want to know the Christian case for opposing abortion.

The following articles answer some of the biggest questions and objections surrounding abortion.

Why Christians are Anti-Abortion

Many struggle to understand why Christians care so much about abortion. Why does it matter to us? Is it really our business? Can’t a woman choose what she does with her own body? Those questions and more are answered here.

Abortion is Anti-Science

It’s a common trope for Christians to be accused of being anti-science. And yet, on issues like abortion science firmly backs the Christian view.

Refuting Abortion Advocates’ New Favorite Argument

“You’re not pro-life, just pro-birth.” “Christians, if you want to outlaw abortion you better be ready to care for all the unwanted babies.” These kinds of charges are thrown at Christians all the time. Here’s why they don’t hold up.

No, Sex isn’t a Fundamental Human Right

The belief that undergirds the entirety of abortion advocacy is the idea that men and women have an inalienable right to have sex that is free of consequences. That is merely a denial of reality.

On Abortion as a Fellowship Issue

The Catholic church has raised the issue of whether pro-abortion politicians should be denied communion. What stance should churches take on the issue? We examine the matter and make a recommendation.


Is This the End of Roe v. Wade?

Our roundtable discussion on the implications of the Dobbs decision and what Christians can do in the aftermath.

Healthcare and the Abortion Debate

A lesson on science and abortion, by Dr. Brad Harrub.

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