Jack Wilkie – Editor, focuspress.org


Jack Wilkie is the Director of Online Content at Focus Press, where he has served since 2011. He is the author of Church Reset: God’s Design for So Much More and Failure: What Christian Families Need to Know About American Education. He also co-hosts the Think Deeper and Who Let the Dogma Out? podcasts and writes twice weekly at churchreset.substack.com

Jack and his wife, Allison, have 4 children and reside in Dickson, TN.


  1. A dangerous trend in the church of Christ
  2. The challenges of growing up in the church
  3. 7 questions for homosexuals
  4. The “Sinner’s Prayer” is finally dying
  5. Why “Baptism Sunday” isn’t Biblical
  6. Church, Facebook is killing us
  7. 6 things Christian young people should know before leaving home
  8. 4 signs of a spiritually sick church
  9. 6 words that will kill a church
  10. “But is it a sin?”

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Jack presents a lesson series called “The Lost Generation” focused on why young people leave the church and what we can do to reverse the trend in the next generation. (This seminar can be purchased on CD or audio download.) In addition, he has a new series called “Church Reset” that examines how to build Spirit-driven, discipleship-based churches.

To schedule Jack to speak, email jack@focuspress.org. (Note: as a full-time minister, Jack has very limited availability for seminars.)