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The Church’s Marriage Crisis

Another couple heading for divorce.Another case of adultery.Another husband caught up in porn.Another preacher hauled off to jail for sexual sin.As we’ve kept hearing account after account over the last few years,...

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We want to thank all of you for joining us here on Focus+!We’re so excited to finally roll out this service, and we hope you’re enjoying finding your way around. A couple of reminders – if you’re not sure...

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Deep End: Gentle Parenting

We follow up our episode on Gentle Parenting with a response to subscriber questions and comments on the differing roles of fathers and mothers, the frequency of spanking, and useful how-tos for establishing both truth and love...

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Think Deeper: Gentle Parenting

Think Deeper episodes will be available on your podcast app and YouTube at 2:30 central each Monday as always, but you get first access to the video version here on Focus+!This week we look at a popular trend in the world of...

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Welcome to The Deep End

The Deep End is our member-exclusive segment of Think Deeper, which will post every Friday. In this introductory clip, Jack explains how it will work and how you can submit your comments and questions after each week’s new...

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