Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity

There is no question of greater importance than whether or not God exists. The answer to this single question affects all other questions. If there is a Supreme Being, then life has purpose and some form of meaning. If not, then our very presence on this Earth is simply the result of a cosmological explosion, and we are the beneficiaries of climbing our way to the top of the evolutionary tree of life. The way in which we answer the question about the existence of God greatly determines how we conduct ourselves while on this Earth. After years of careful and deliberate study and research, there is one thing I know for certain. Not only am I convinced, I’m convicted. Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

Reader Reviews

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your book. So much to ponder and pray about.” – Krista C.

“This is a great book. It covers issues I’ve wrestled with for years. I started teaching a men’s Bible class tonight using this book. A huge amount of interest. Ran out of books, have to order more.” – Steve F.

“I am loving this book! My husband and I are studying it together and it has been so rewarding. We bought a copy for our son who preaches and he is gaining so much from it as well.”

“An excellent read, lots of things to ponder, but much more importantly than that there is much we need to put into practice. Leaning on God together, deepening relationships as the body of Christ and prayerfully moving forward as we’re led by the Spirit.” – Jason K.


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Most of us don’t remember learning how to speak. At some point, we started with one word and have continued learning words and how to use them ever since. We learned from an early age that if we want to understand what’s happening around us and help others understand us, we need to communicate accurately through our choice of words.

But what if we were to learn a word incorrectly? In that case, we would continue to think of and use the word incorrectly until someone corrected us or until we came across an example of it being used properly. For example, in her early speaking days my toddler often excitedly referred to orange as “app-poes!” After a few weeks of corrections— “No, this is an orange and that is an apple”—she came to understand that apples are green and red and taste a certain way, while oranges are, well, orange and taste much differently. If we hadn’t said anything she’d still be calling them by the wrong names.

Is it possible this is what happened to us with the word “church”? Did our understanding of what church means come from the Bible, or from the picture we were given as children or as new converts? When we talk about the church, are we referring to it the same way God intended, or are we calling oranges apples?

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