The family has been part of God’s creation from the very beginning. Without strong families, both the church and society fall apart. In a time when the family has been weakened beyond anything we’ve seen in recent memory, we’re committed to teaching Christians how God intends for the home to operate – husbands and fathers leading wives and mothers as they work together to train up children to the Lord.



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Fortifying the Home Seminar

Attacks on the Family

Are You Serious?

Invasion: How Worldliness Has Infected the Christian Home

Intentional Parenting

They Don’t Come with Instructions … or Do They?

A Biblical Approach to Discipline and Parental Roles

Courtship and Dating

Protect: Fathers and Daughters

Man Up: Fathers and Sons

200-year legacy

Strong Families in 2020

Follow Me: A Lesson on Social Media

Faith For Life (7 Reasons We Are Losing Our Children)

Plugging the Leak

One Foot In the Grave: Will Hell Be Your Final Legacy?

Christian Worldview vs. Secular Worldview

Rewired: How Pornography is Killing the Church and Home

Equipping Youth Seminar

Have You Filed a Flight Plan?

Who Is Your Pilot?

Caution — Turbulence Ahead

What Is Your Self Image?

Into the Arena

What If Your Professor Is an Atheist?

Tactics for Remaining Faithful

The Lost Generation Seminar

Session #1: Worldview Wars

– How Millennials are affected by Humanism, Postmodernism, Christianity and the compromise in between

Session #2: Failure

– Education’s role in shaping the faith of our youth

Session #3: The Church’s Role

– Discipleship vs. man’s wisdom for training our youth today

Session #4: Foundations 

– The importance of being prepared to answer the tough questions about God, the Bible, and origins

Session #5: Back to the Book

– What we can do to reach those who have left and do better with the next generation

God's Design for Holy Sexuality Seminar

This seminar is designed to help the church better understand God’s purpose for sexuality and to work through and heal from an individual’s spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical issues keeping them from experiencing the goodness of one of God’s greatest blessings. 

Session #1: God’s Design for Sexuality

Session #2: Healing Emotional Wounds (Part 1)

Session #3: Healing Emotional Wounds (Part 2)

Session #4: Understanding Sex

Session #5: The Church’s Response to Sexual Issues

Sermon/Keynote: Hope Even in the Dark – Isaiah 59-60