Engage: Rethinking How We Walk Down the Aisle


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Why Not Courtship?
“Who gives this woman?” These words have been spoken at thousands of wedding ceremonies, but do they hold any meaning in our modern culture? Have our daughters already given themselves away? In this book, authors Rob Whitacre and Brad Harrub encourage parents and single Christians to take a critical look at the modern dating system, and consider a more Biblical approach to marriage. Rob and Brad believe that courtship prepares young people better for marriage the way God intended.
Using Biblical principles, this book outlines a new – but truly ancient – method of finding a spouse. The authors recognize that this material may be challenging for some families, however their intent is not to divided or cast judgement, but rather to encourage both parents and single individuals to become engaged in the process of purity and marriage. Rather than “Fixing” a broken system, Rob and Brad demonstrate that modern dating was never Biblical to begin with, and thus should be abandoned. We believe the topic of relationships to be so vital that this book was written for both home study and classrooms.

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