Homosexuality: A Biblical Discussion


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Times are changing. Quicker than we can even imagine. Assumed moral judgments that have been held as obvious by those in the past are seen as dubious by many today. There are few places we see this rapid change more than with the issue of homosexuality. We are bombarded through the changing of laws, through the media, and through a radicalized view of tolerance to no longer view the practice as sinful. There are voices within the religious community who are trumpeting the claim that homosexual practice is okay and that the Bible has been misunderstood on the subject. Our people are hearing these messages. But are they hearing a counterargument? Do they know how to answer these claims? Are they sure of what the Bible teaches on this subject?
Good material, that lovingly and honestly presents the truth about homosexuality, needs to be in the hands of every Christian. That is why I wrote this booklet. And that is why I hope it receives a wide reading. There is no doubt that the call for acceptance of this practice will continue to be sounded forth. Times are changing. What are you doing to prepare yourself, your family, and your church for this changing time?–Wesley Walker

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